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Pornography is not art!
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  • Listening to: Not Christmas music, that's for sure
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The annual holiday giveaway

Yep, it's that festering time of year again. Sullen retail workers, psychotic shoppers, a pest with a kettle and a bell, blizzards, traffic jams, Deniers screaming that a half-inch of snow in winter PROVES that global warming is a "leftist liberal commie pinko homo lie", and some of the most irritating music ever written. "Merry Christmas" my ass. On the bright side, my brother takes the entire clan to Cheesecake Factory for the family's annual Christmas Eve pig-out, so the holiday season isn't a complete waste. More importantly, at least to you guys, it's also the time of year when I give away a few year-long Premium Core memberships. :D

Same drill as always; pornographers, pedos, drama queens, trolls, homophobes, and the like are not eligible, but everyone else is. Mostly I'll be doing renewals of memberships I gave last year, plus a couple of new ones. I'd love to give out more but $50.00 is a lot of money for what little Core actually gives you; if the dA staff would see fit to add a handful of interesting and useful new features to Core I'd be inclined to buy more than 4-5 memberships but I don't see that happening, ever. Fifty bucks for what you get isn't very cost effective, unfortunately, which is why I downgraded the name of this annual event from "semi-great" to "marginal". Nonetheless I'll be giving away a few memberships over the next few weeks anyway, because despite the price I'm determined to make at least a few people smile. :) What do I want in return? Not much, really. A smile and a "thank you" are more than sufficient... although llama badges are always appreciated, too. :lol:

Whining at me won't increase your odds of getting a Core from me, so don't do it. ;)

HAPPY HOLIDAZE!!! :D :santa:


The Earl of Saturn
United States
Current Residence: Saturn
Print preference: Glossy and large
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock, Electronica
Favourite style of art: Fractal abstracts, realistic fantasy
Operating System: Windows 10
Shell of choice: Lobster or crab, freshly boiled and full of meat
Wallpaper of choice: The one in the "My Desktop" box
Skin of choice: Chicken or pork, deep-fried
Favourite cartoon character: Frankie Foster.
Personal Quote: I'm bored. Amuse me.

THE RULES OF ACQUISITION (meaning, who gets my points?)


I periodically donate points to other deviants. I give points to those who need them for premium memberships, deviantwear, group upgrades, prints, things of that sort. I do NOT give them away for point lotteries, pageviews, faves, or comments. Nor do I give them to people who only want to redistribute them; thank you but I can decide for myself who's worth giving to, I don't need you to do it for me.

Getting my attention is Step One in getting points from me. Asking me directly is perfectly okay; I don't bite (usually), and the worst that'll happen (usually) is that you'll get no response, which probably means I'm presently out of points. I'm not a bottomless well, after all. Other than asking, I wander the site periodically, looking at people's pages and examining their galleries; if I like what I see and I'm feeling generous, your point pool will be going up in a moment.

I decide who to give to based on many factors, including gallery contents, what you've faved, group memberships, journal contents, posts, etc. I look at all these things because I don't want to make the mistake of donating to a terrorist or a nutjob or a pedo-shipper or some such thing. With that in mind, here are the deal breakers:

:bulletblue: Producing or faving anything disrespectful to my favorite character, Frankie Foster.

:bulletblue: Faving anything by innocentazlet or garabatoz.

:bulletblue: Producing or faving pornography, animated or otherwise. Yes, I do know the difference between nude art and porn.

:bulletblue: Rabid shipping of pairings that are non-canon, completely OOC, and/or disgusting (StanxKyle, any sort of turtlecest, KirkxSpock, etc. Depends on the fandom, really; some I don't care, some make my blood boil.)

:bulletblue: Racist, sexist, or homophobic art or posts.

:bulletblue: No gallery? No points.

:bulletblue: No donation pool? No points.

:bulletblue: No Plz accounts, please.

:bulletblue: Points are for people, not for accounts. If you ask for points via more than one account, all of your accounts will be ignored.

:bulletblue: Please don't "fave-bomb" my gallery in the hope of getting points; that is so tacky.


:bulletblue: Anything else that I can think of that pisses me off.

If I do give you points, I do not require that you watch me or fave any of my works, although you are certainly free to do so if you wish. A simple "Thank You" is sufficient, and of course llama badges are always appreciated. :D

In fact, the best way to thank me is to keep your eyes open for and report any cartoon porn that breaks DeviantArt's already lax and barely-enforced rules on the subject. I am sick to death of seeing children's cartoon characters be exploited and degraded for the depraved amusement of the fave/comment whores who create cartoon porn and the immature individuals who fave it. If I wanted to see crap like that I'd go to Rule#34 or some other site that caters to the lowest common denominator. Remember, there are children on this site, the mature content filter only works when mommy and daddy are nearby, and the characters who have given so much joy to so many people over the years deserve better. :(

Okay, I guess that pretty much covers things for the moment. ;)



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GeekGemCorduroy Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
You know not to bother man heh. 5:30 am. Honestly yesterday which was Friday was hoping I can have some Godzilla marathon...then heh....sleeping early by mistake happens and......meh man hope stuff is fine for you man

edit 5:31 am lol sorry to bother almost left pm but yeah I've been wanting to say that to some one well too late lol later just...I mean late heh man control edit same time just sorry and other shit man heh
paytonsnewheart Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama!
Cassini90125 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017
My pleasure, and thank you, too! :D
paytonsnewheart Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
GeekGemCorduroy Featured By Owner Edited Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hey hope you don't mind the question yet I've forgot to ask this heh chill.

You don't mind I'm kind of positive when I try to bring up points. Or you want me to tone down on that.....thinking maybe this should be a note heh but meh man

edit just I'm sorry and other things man
Cassini90125 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017
If you feel positive, be positive. :D
GeekGemCorduroy Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Wow thanks man. Mainly was making sure my personality trait like that doesn't collide with your personality lol you can laugh at that or meh man, yet wondering mate.

Mainly maybe I try to speak of certain things and....meh positive stuff. Despite it's difficult for me.

You know hope you don't mind man, since I've asked about Godzilla heh. Have any thoughts on King Kong. It's just yesterday well Tuesday saw Kong Skull Island again with my nana and it was still kick ass heh
Cassini90125 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017
Kong? Well, I saw the original 1933 movie, which is a classic, and the 1976 remake, which blew chunks. Haven't seen the 2005 version or Skull Island, but I did see Son of Kong, which was amusing. I like Godzilla better but Kong is okay. :D
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lyiint Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
Thank you for the llama!  I've sent a friendly one back to you :heart:
Cassini90125 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
I appreciate that, thanks! :D
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